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Pathways to success: bringing a gender lens to the scientific leadership of global challenges 2018

This report explores the issue of women’s leadership in science and brings to the discussion some related issues not usually taken into consideration. The initial motivation was to look at the career trajectories of women in positions of scientific leadership to show how power and knowledge can cohere in institutions to create and maintain dominant pathways. The report demonstrates the importance of having a gender perspective that would assure ‘equal opportunity for entry and advancement into larger-scale science, technology, engineering, mathematics disciplines (STEM) and innovation systems’, one of the transformative actions so aptly described by the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development (UNCSTD) Gender Advisory Board. Through interviews with women and men who lead international science and technology projects, the document highlights different pathways to success and how institutional change is so elusive and hard to achieve. However, when the authors looked at respondents’ individual pathways, they decided that, although it was important to demonstrate that alternative perspectives are possible, they would enlarge their perspective and look at other levels of analysis. By highlighting alternative perspectives on how systems of scientific production operate, this report promotes alternative narratives and pathways in science. In these narratives, gender is recognised as an important factor in the career and leadership trajectories of individual scientists and in how science for sustainable development is done.

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SADC Gender in STI Fact Sheets 2019

These fact sheets are aimed at bridging the gap between policy and practice in terms of gender monitoring and evaluation in STI and how the SADC protocol on gender and development relates to STI. It is intended that the fact sheets will create many important ‘connection points’ to other projects of mutual interest for the partners and participants.

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Gender and Innovation: Implications for Sustainable Development 2018

GenderInSITE, a global initiative in gender, science, innovation, technology and engineering, has identified gender and innovation as one of its central issues. Thus, GenderInSITE partnered with ASSAF, Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), Elsevier Foundation, and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) to host a workshop held on 4-6 September 2017 at TIA in Pretoria, to strongly anchor the discussion of gender, science, technology, innovation and development.

The objective of the workshop was to explore the role of gender in innovation as a key issue for developing countries and to identify the most promising practices and their impact in the lives of both men and women. Through facilitated round table discussions, participants deliberated on the pioneering work done in the North on “gendered innovations” from the perspective of the South, identifying new areas of research and the need for specific indicators. Participants also looked at how to improve communication between the producers and users of knowledge in this field, since this will be essential to the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This report includes the production of concrete recommendations in support of policy developments as well as a proceedings report on the meeting.

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